Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Long cold days

Sometimes I really don't like winter. Maybe if there was snow on the ground and I could take Cameryn outside during Luke's nap and sled next to our house. Or we could build snowmen in the yard. You know, fun stuff like that. But no... it's freezing cold here and there is no snow. It has snowed twice all winter and we got maybe a total of an inch or something like that. If it's going to be cold I WANT SNOW!!!! I hope we at least get one good snow fall before spring comes so Cameryn, me and Mike can play in the snow together at least once. Sorry Luke, you're still too little.

I'm really starting to get excited cause Luke is starting to try to push himself onto his knees. Which means that soon he might be crawling. I'm hoping that at least by March he will crawl. I know most people say "oh but then you have to watch out to make sure they don't get into this or that." All I know is that it hopefully means that he won't want me to hold him ALL DAY LONG!!! It must be the constant teething with no break for him cause he doesn't want to be put down EVER!! I just need a break sometimes.

I have a back pack that I put him in sometimes during the day when I'm trying to clean or whatever but his is so HEAVY that I can only do it for 15-20 minutes or else I will have a horrible back ache. Sometimes I have to let him cry while rolling around in the floor but I can't do it for long cause he can scream VERY LOUD. Plus I feel like a really mean mom if I let him go too long. I'm such a wuss. You'd think with too kids I'd be tougher but I'm a softy.

Cameryn is almost all the way potty trained and I love it. I use so many less diapers which saves money of course. It's awesome!! She hasn't had an accident in like 5 days. WOHOOO!!! She is so cute with her big girl underwear and I'm so proud when she goes to the potty without my help and sometimes without even telling me she has to go. I have such a wonderful smart little girl. The terrible two's can be terrible but they are also some of the best times as well.

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Liam's Mom - Gina said...

That is exciting about the crawling and potty training! Way to go!

Sorry it's so cold. It's been crappy here too. Liam wants to play out there so badly...