Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My busy little girl

I have been doing most of my entries in this blog about Luke so I thought I should do one just about Cameryn. Though since babies do more new things then 2 1/2 year olds do, I don't really feel to quilty. I still have a lot to say about my little princess.

Two is an interesting age. They do have their "terrible two" moments but then they also have some of the best moments too. Cameryn is mostly a sweet, funny, very talkative little girl. She loves her little brother so much and takes many minutes out of her busy schedule of playing to give him as many hugs and kisses and squeezes as he will permit before crying from being over loved.

She also spends much of her time singing different primary or Disney songs. She likes to go into the bathroom and get up on her stool to look at herself in our big mirror and sing songs to herself. I've tried many times to capture it on camera but it is next to impossible with her. Oh well, I'll always have it in my memories. Here she is playing with her Winnie the Pooh blocks with Lucas. She has gotten very good at building little forts and places to put the swing and see-saw that came with the set and fit onto the blocks. She likes to share with Luke and tries to get him to build with her though right now he is only good at knocking down so they make a game of it.
Then she quickly moves to coloring in her Strawberry Shortcake coloring book or her Disney Princess book. I confess to getting out my own special box of 96 crayons and my markers and coloring with her. Hey, just because I'm older and her mom doesn't mean that I can't like coloring pretty pictures.

I actually thought that I should buy another Disney Princess coloring book for her and then color a really good picture of each of the princesses and frame them to put up in her room. Most of the pictures in her book now have been colored by her so I would need a new one. Not that they aren't wonderful though. She has become so good at coloring recently. Instead of scribbling all over it, she colors each individual thing and mostly stays in the lines. I'm working on putting her pictures up in her room as well.
Here she is with one of the best presents she got for Christmas, her Mr. Potato Head. She loves to play with him/her and spends lots of time putting it together in all different ways. The other day she was playing with Mr. Tato Head (as she calls him) and had put on these pink lips. She was carrying him around and talking to him and then she picked him up and planted a sweet little kiss right on those pink lips. It was so adorable I had to look away so she wouldn't see me giggling and smiling at her.

Now it's time for her to play with her Alladin and Jasmine dolls that you can dress up. She has really enjoyed these as well. We got them at the Disney Store for Christmas and they had many different sets for all the princesses. She also has all the little princess figurines that she plays with and has to take to bed with her every night.

This is only a fraction of the things that Cameryn does. I couldn't fit in more pictures and plus I think you all got that idea. She is such a joy to have around (most of the time) and though she can throw some pretty bad tantrums, she is mostly a sweet wonderful daughter and I am so lucky to have her.

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Busy Bee said...

She is busy bee just like Sierra! Going from one toy to the next. She has a good imagination, just like we did when we were younger. I hope she's as lucky as us and finds a good friend to imagine with.