Monday, December 22, 2008

Crafty kids

I've been having the kids make lots of homemade stuff for gifts this year. Cameryn has really been enjoying all the painting and stuff. I only let Luke use watercolor paints though so most of the painting is done by Cameryn.

So today I was having Cameryn finish up the last three gifts that needed painting and Luke of course wanted to join in so I got out the watercolors too. Then I noticed how he was painting. Look at the picture below and tell see if you notice anything different.

Here is a closer look:
If you didn't notice, I'll tell you. He is using his left hand!! But that's not all, I have also seen him using his right hand too. YAY!!! I have passed it on!! I am ambidextrous and so was my Grandma on my dad's side. Unfortunately, I stopped doing it at a young age because I wanted to be like my sister who was right handed. I can still do a lot of things with both hands but my handwriting with my left hand isn't very good anymore. It's still probably better than most people trying to write with their left hand but I wish that I had kept writing with both hands. I hope that he keeps it up too.

Here is one of the ornaments that Cameryn painted today too. She is such a good little artist and I love watching how quickly she progresses with all of that. I had more to write but I have to go bath some kids and put them to bed.

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