Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pics from Harpers Ferry

Me and My kids went with my mom, my sister Kathryn and my brother Devon to Harpers Ferry the Friday before school started back up. Kathryn and Devon had slept over at my house the night before to watch the kids so Mike and I could go to the movies. My mom called about when she could come and pick them up and I suggested Harpers Ferry for the afternoon. We made up a quick picnic to take with us and just drove out. We ate our little lunches and then played in the river some. Kathryn was trying to not get to wet while wading out to the big rocks but slipped and fell in anyways. The water felt perfect though so she wasn't cold or anything. If you stood really still, the minnows would come and nibble on your toes, it was really funny. Cameryn didn't want to get in but Luke came in with me and got in just to his knees. They both had fun throwing rocks into the water.

After the river, we all walked (including my kids) up the stone steps to the top of Harper's Ferry overlooking the rivers where there is an old graveyard. The kids had fun running around and looking at all the old grave stones. Cameryn liked to pretend to "read" them and was telling us some interesting stories that were "written" on them.

After climbing back down all the stairs (this time with Luke on my shoulders- I didn't have the patience for the slow climb down), we got ice cream cones in the little town. It was a very nice afternoon and my kids were so worn out and tired. They went to bed really good that night!!

Kathryn after falling in the river.
Cameryn throwing rocks and shells. Devon chilling one of the big rocks.
My handsome boy watching minnows in the water.
Kathryn watching the minnows on her toes. I love this pictures of Devon in a tree!!
"Boss" and Devon climbing rock walls. Bamma with Luke and Cameryn watching the climbers.
Two cute kids!!
I just like these pictures!
Cameryn "reading" a story to Luke.

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Jessica said...

I'm gald you guys had a good time. Wish we lived closer so we could go with you on your adventures!!