Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Four year old preschooler

Yesterday was Cameryn's birthday and today was her first day of preschool. She has been excited since Luke's birthday for her birthday to come. She was so good all day and couldn't wait for Daddy to come home so she could open up her presents. We wanted her to have stuff to open on her actual birthday since we can't have her party until Sept 13th (2 Saturdays from now). We are having a bigger party than normal with her little friends instead of just our family. I'm excited and nervous for this. It seems like so much more to do and I want it to be fun for the kids.

She got to open up her presents from Mike's parents on Monday. They got her a Leapster2 with a Princess cartridge. She has been loving that and plays on it really well. She also got a lot of winter/ school clothes. We got her a backpack and a folder, a Barbie nightgown, a dress for her first day at school and a few small toys. She was very excited about the nightgown and backpack especially.

She woke up so nicely today and was so excited to wear her new dress. I had to continue to talk her out of putting her own toys in her backpack and lots of other stuff that was not necessary. I took some pictures and put the kids in the car.

It only takes about 10 mintues to get there which is another plus with this preschool. I dropped her off and had to drag her attention away from the dressups to say goodbye. Luke and I played at the park and went to a friends house for the remainer of the time.

Cameryn was so happy to see me and tell me all about her day. She was a little upset that she didn't get to use scissors today but she did get to use glitter so alls well.

It is so nice to see her happy for what seems like a really long time. She is slowly getting better about not being a punk most of the time and I have really enjoyed these two days of relative peace from Cameryn.

So here are a few pictures from her two special days. I will post the pictures from her party when it happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can pull off a fun party for about 12 little kids!!

This was me trying to say goodbye while dragging her attention away from the dressups, shoes, and play kitchen.

Luke at the park while waiting to go pick up Cameryn. He loves his Hulk glasses as you can see. He wears them all the time. He even took them to church this past Sunday. But hey, if it helps me to leave him in the nursery and go to my class, I don't care what he brings.


Ellen said...

So cute. Good luck with the party. I hear cupcakes are a good way to go and if you can have them eat them outside it's way easier to clean.

Kiirsty said...

Big milestones you're hitting now, babe! You'll have fun with the party, and then you'll be happy when it's over too! (at least from my experiences =) If you need any ideas on games, decorations, etc. lemme know! I'll try to help! It will undoubtedly be very memorable, and that's what counts. BTW Your kids are darling.

Jessica said...

Man your kids get loaded with presents for their birthday! Lucky ducks :) She is sucha doll!

Tara Carson said...

BABE!!! CHeck out this gives TONS of ideas for birthday parties!!