Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lazy times and Nightmares

I have had so much to say recently but have not really felt like blogging. I haven't even been taking that many pictures lately. I feel so lazy and bored so much of the time. I wish I could sit and read all day long sometimes. I have still been doing things around the house but it takes all my will power to make myself do them; like dishes and dusting, yuk. I am not unhappy or anything. I guess I'm just sick of my house and the monotonous duties required of having any kind of abode. I just need to keep making myself do things and hopefully I will get out of this slump.

On a happier note:

Luke is walking like crazy now. He still crawls a lot like when he wants to get somewhere really fast but more and more he has been standing up and walking. He is so funny when he walks. When he first started trying to walk, he would try to start going before he was even fully standing or he would try to go way too fast. It took him a while to realize that he couldn't walk as fast as he could crawl yet. It was just so adorable to see. He gets so excited when he does anything and he has to most adorable little toothy grin. He wrinkles up his little nose and squeals with delight. I'm going to try to get a video of him walking cause he is just oh so cute.

He is so adorable. It's hard not to pick him up and cuddle him all day long. Not that he would mind. That boy is a very cuddly little guy. He crawls/walks up to me and will sit on my lap for 10, even 20 minutes sometimes. He even likes to lay his head on my chest and just have me hold him. I'm going to enjoy all that while I can too. Though Cameryn still occasionally likes me to hold her so that's nice to know that I still have a few more years of cuddling. I know it can't last forever though.

Cameryn's little imagination is definitely not little anymore. She is always pretending something and playing with her Princess Barbie's and other toys, just making up stuff. It is so wonderful to see. The only bad part is she has so many nightmares and is scared to sleep in her bed now. Mike and I have been at our wits end to try and come up with a solution for this but so far we have only found temporary things that work kind of. Most nights she falls asleep in the rocking chair in her room and later we go and move her into her bed before we go to bed. Usually when I go in to mover her, she has her blanket over her head too. Poor girl is all sweaty under that thing too but she likes to do it. She comes into our room at least once on most nights now and I let her fall asleep with us and then move her back to her bed. I just don't want her to get accustomed to sleeping with us. Sometimes she wants the dog in her room while she falls asleep and we let her out later as well.

We just don't know what to do anymore. It seems that as soon as she turned 3, her imagination just kicked into high gear and now she is scared of her room at night. She is terrified of snakes and other reptiles for whatever reason. When we would try to put her to bed in her bed, she wouldn't lay her head on her pillow. I asked her why and she got all scared and said that a snake would say "Hello". She would lay her head half way down her bed and curl up into a little ball. She also has some dream about my sister, Jessica, pushing a button and a snake coming out of it. Still even after talking and stories and songs, she still gets out of bed right after we have left and closed the door. She lays in the hallway covered in her blanket and waits for us to come back. I have had to resort to telling her that if she gets out of her room again that I will have to spank her bottom. That usually works but not always, so I end up having to spank her which I don't want to do but I have to so she will learn.

I've thought about moving Luke's crib in the room with her and they can sleep together. It's not like they have to have separate rooms so why not. I was actually planning on doing that when they got a little older anyways. Mike is not sure about the idea but I think it might actually work. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them, we really don't know what else to do.

Here are a few recent pictures of my kids. Mike bought Cameryn a Princess tea set and she has been having lots of tea parties with her Barbies. The other picture is Luke and Landon riding together on Luke's battery powered 4-wheeler. It was so cute. Luke was zooming (as much as he could in our crowded small house) around the living room and kitchen and Landon just climbed on behind him. I tried to get a better picture but the dumb dog was just too hyper and kept getting in the way so that's the best I could do.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I am so sorry, Daisy. It seems there is always another stage of low quality sleep after you think all is well.

I think putting Luke in her room is a great idea. Other than that, maybe find a book for her that you read each night about home and how safe it is. Or make a special effort in your family prayers to keep Cameryn's room safe, so she knows Heavenly Father is protecting her.

Congrats on a walking Luke! You'll have to post some video. I love those first toddles.

Busy Bee said...

There must be a book about scary dreams and how they're not real for children to read. Maybe look online at Barnes N Nobles or something. I think moving Luke into her room is a great idea. You might as well try it, you don't have anything to lose.