Friday, October 12, 2007

It smells like bug poop

Me, Cameryn and Luke were outside when Cameryn wrinkled up her little nose and said that it smelled like bug poop. I just laughed and said to myself, what a perfect title for a blog entry. It was just so cute and funny and very random. I mean, I didn't smell anything. Children say the funniest things. Does anyone know what bug poop smells like?

I just thought I would post some pictures I took recently and a video.

Here is Cameryn modeling her Princess shoes. Isn't she an adorable little model? I don't know why she thought it a better idea to put the shoes on before the underwear and pants but it's cute anyways. You can just barely see her teeny tiny bum.

Here is Luke "riding" the dog (notice the nice straight eyes) and one of him walking. He doesn't really have a favorite blanket but lately he likes to walk with something draped over his shoulders.

Cameryn was fixing her own hair in this picture. She clipped in two barrettes and it looked so stylishly messy so I took a picture.

I came into Cameryn's room to see if she was dressed yet and found her "nursing" her monkey, Bobo. She said she couldn't get dressed yet because he was hungry. What a good little mommy. She even switched sides.

Warning: Video contains a cute little naked bottom.

That screaming in the background is Cameryn in time out in her room for hitting and biting. She is usually a very sweet girl with occasional tantrums but lately she has been so horrible. She hits me and Luke and has started biting again. The only thing I can do that seems to work slightly is to put her in her room with one of those child safe things on the door knob so she can't keep coming out. It sounds mean but she won't listen to me until she has cried herself out and I don't want to constantly be spanking her bottom or something like that. Anyways, I just wanted to explain the screaming in the background of the video of Luke. Sorry.

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Busy Bee said...

When it comes to discipline you do what works. I totally understand the biting and hitting thing, Sierra hits me all the time. I have to slap her hand. It gets her attention and seems to be the only thing that says "I'm serious, don't." Luke is so cute, I love the legs-spread-apart-baby-waddle-thing.