Thursday, September 13, 2007

Surgery Day

Luke had his surgery today and it went so well. I was so proud of him.

We left the house this morning with Luke at 6:15 am. My mom came over to watch Cameryn when she woke up because we couldn't take her with us (I didn't want to do that anyways). We got to the hospital at 7:15 and luckily didn't have to wait around much. They took us back to Pediatrics and did all those pre-op poking and prodding that they have to do and Luke took it all in stride. He just stared around and when they were finished, we took him over to where all the toys were and he played for awhile. We had to wait till about 8:45 for them to take us up to the 3rd floor were the surgery center was. Luke was so adorable with his little hospital gown on. Unfortunately I left my camera with our bags in Pediatrics and forgot to take a picture when we were down there. Just take my word he was so cute.

When we got to our little cubical thing in the pre-surgery area, he started to get a little fussy. He was really hungry by then and kept trying to lay down in my lap in nursing position. It was so sad and I hated not being able to nurse him (plus I was really full and needed to nurse him). Finally the doctor came in to do some final measurements, then the anaesthesiologist and finally the OR nurse. I got to back into the OR with Luke while they were putting him to sleep. It was so heartbreaking to see him in there. They used the mask to give him the anaesthesia and when he finally fell asleep, he was whimpering in his sleep. It was really hard not to cry after that. I was pretty good about controlling myself though. I knew that everything was going to be fine so I was able to relax a little and not feel so stresses out.

It was over in about an hour and they let us go back into the recovery area. Luke was very upset as they were trying to feed him a bottle of plain water!!! How dare they!! Actually Luke likes water but only in a regular cup, not in a bottle. If it's a bottle, it has to have a little bit of juice mixed with the water or it has to be milk. They tried to see if he would take the water from me but he still didn't want it. Then we tried the sugar water and he still didn't want it. Finally they let me nurse him because they didn't want him to stay that upset.

They left in his IV until they were sure that he wasn't going to throw up. I forgot to get a picture of that though. They put it in after his was under and they had his whole arm all wrapped up like a cast so he couldn't pull it out when he woke up. It was so cute. He didn't like it much. He kept swinging it around trying to get it off and I got hit in the face once. He was very disoriented though and kept thrashing around and arching his back, that is until they let me nurse him. It was so nice and he quickly fell back asleep. He was so worn out and hungry from the whole day I just was so happy that it was all over. I finally remembered about my camera and we took a picture of him nursing in his cute little gown.

He slept the whole way home and then actually played a little when we got into the house. I was so surprised that he was handling it all so well. He crawled around a little and played with the dog but was quickly tired out. I put him down for a nap and took one myself. He slept for another 2 hours.

His eyes look kinda gross right now. They look all bloody on the inside corner of his eyes and they told us that if he cries, his tears will be pink. The redness should go away in about 10-14 days but he is already eating better and is keeping it all down. We are alternating giving him Tylenol or Motrin every three hours. I know it's usually every four hours but they don't want him to be in a lot of pain so they said every three hours is fine.

Someone from church brought us dinner tonight and my mom brought Cameryn back home around 5:00. She was very happy to be home again with us and was very sweet to Luke.

So it's finally over and I happy that it all went well. Thanks to all of you who kept us in your prayers and thoughts today.

Luke nursing and then right after we got home, already smiling. My wonderful boy!!

Playing with Leia (actually, hitting her with a piece of paper). After his nap, happy and crawling.

My silly little man with his Cheerio bowl.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad that everything went well, I bet your mind is at ease now. What a relief!! He is such a cute boy. His eyes look really good in that one picutre. Have you noticed a difference?

Busy Bee said...

I'm glad it all went well. Whenever anyone goes under anesthesia it's scary, ecspecially when it's your own child. You were very strong and I'm proud of you! I can already see a difference in his eye, it's not cockeyed anymore.