Friday, January 26, 2007

Doctors and teeth

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. Two of my very good friends have one for their child and I enjoy reading them both so much. I am going to try to at least keep it updated once a week with stories of my kids and other stuff.

Luke just turned 6 months yesterday and had his 6 month checkup. He was such a brave little man. When the nurse had me lay him down to measure how long he was, he had a gigantic poop that traveled all the way up his shirt. We both laughed and I told her I would need a few minutes to clean up this mess. I had to strip him down so they could weigh anyways but in the process I got poop on my self and in his hair. I cleaned him up the best that I could (it was up to his neck and on his arms) and then we went on with the appointment. I'm proud to announce that he is a perfectly healthy, happy boy- 19lbs 8 ozs. Of course after all that, he had to have shots. Well, he cried of course but the nurse was quick and as soon as she was done I picked him up and he was fine. He even gave his most handsome smile to the nurse which she was thrilled with since she had just finished giving him 3 shots. He was okay the rest of the day but today is extremely fussy and grumpy.

It's not just the shots though. He is cutting his 3rd and 4th tooth already. He just barely finished cutting his first two teeth not two weeks ago. They are coming in way too quick for me. My kids both started teething very early and they get two at a time.

I get very little sleep right now. Luke was waking up every hour to every hour and a half. The only reason I am getting any sleep at all now is because a friend of mine from church recommended these teething tablets that work GREAT!!! Luke had always been a great sleeper until his first cold, which was followed by an ear infection and his first two teeth. When he was not quite 2 months he was sleeping 5-7 hours at a time, now it's 3 hours or less and that's only because of the teething tablets that I give him at night time.

Cameryn is still such an excellent big sister. She is not jealous or mean to him ever. She has hurt him accidentally sometimes and that's only from over loving him with kisses and hugs followed by more kisses. The only time you could maybe say she was jealous is when she starts being very clingy when she feels that she isn't getting enough attention. She never takes it out on Luke though and I am so grateful for that. She loves him so much.

She is a very silly 2 year old. She can have some terrible two moments but those are becoming fewer and more far between. She loves the Disney princesses and anything to do with any of them. Especially Jasmine (from Alladin). She even does this cute thing when she cries that I have attributed to the Disney princesses. When something goes wrong or she becomes upset about anything, she will run over to the stairs, the couch, or even a blanket on the floor and throw herself down on it with her head in her hands and burst into tears. At first I thought it was just her cute little self doing it, until I finally realized that she got it from watching Disney movies when the princesses cry. Think about: they all do it- Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and on and on. When I realized it I laughed (inwardly of course- I didn't want to make fun of her to her face) and told Mike all about my discovery.

I have so much more to say but this post already seems to long so I'll have to stop for now. I can tell I'm going to like blogging though.


Busy Bee said...

He is just a little Mike! Your kids sound so cute and fun, I wish we could spend some time together and our kids could play. They would have a blast! I miss you!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I can tell that I am going to like YOU blogging too! I am so excited to see your blog via Heidi's comments on her blog!

Well Cameryn is a TRUE TROSS! You Tross kids were always copying some movie! And we both know what main movies those are!

Can't wait to read more! More photos please!